Social story: returning to school

As schools start to reopen after being closed for C19 lockdown, there are lots of children with special educational needs (SEN) who may need extra support during these transitionary times. F.A.T. co-director Rachel S. worked with educational psychologist Dr Hannah Fleming to create a social story that can be read together with children with SEN.

Free downloads:

Digital pdf version
Printable a5 booklet version

Climate crisis workshop booklets

These 6 workshop booklets were commissioned by Southwark Council as part of a bigger project which aimed to engage young people in conversations around the climate crisis and the impact it's having in our borough.

The booklets cover the topics of extreme temperatures, food shortages, flooding, air pollution, conflict & migration and sustainability. They are highly illustrative and are designed to present facts from Southwark's Annual Public Health Report, provide inspiration for action and stimulate open conversation.

All 6 booklets are available to download and come with a suggested workshop plan and supporting documents for teachers.

Free downloads via the Southwark Council Website.

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